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About Us

Sonder values and unlocks media revenue within organisations

We value and commercialise owned media assets like websites, email databases, apps, activation zones, physical screens and POS. We generate an average of $48M per annum in incremental revenue opportunities for the likes of:

Our Founders

Jonathan Hopkins owned media expert

Jonathan Hopkins


Soon after reluctantly starting university I frequently heard the phrase ‘the world’s your oyster’. It didn’t really mean anything to me until an opportunity to study for a year in the US brought things into focus. University now had a single objective: securing one of those few, sought-after, transfer places.


I did and had a life-defining year.


That experience taught me a valuable lesson, one which I was able to draw on when we started Sonder: there’s always ‘an opportunity’ but you need focus, passion and belief to turn that opportunity into a reality.


Commit with passion and things will happen.

Angus Frazer owned media expert

Angus Frazer


Growing up in New Zealand, I was raised on stories of kiwi ingenuity. Like the man from the valley who first discovered how to split the atom, or the guy who thought it would be cool to jump off a bridge attached to a bungee cord. Seemingly everyday people who could look at what’s in front of them and see it through new eyes.


As a kid in this tiny isolated country, hearing about these unique ideas boldly accomplished, taught me that every problem has a solution and that anyone can invent.


This inner belief has always driven me, sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly, to create that which the world hasn’t seen before.


Keep looking through new eyes.

Gus and Jonathan started Sonder in 2015 and have been passionately persuading people to adjust their views ever since.

Engage With Sonder

We believe your fortune lies within. Look within to reframe your perspective on how to find growth.

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