Unlocking the power of owned media to attract hotel partners - Sonder
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Unlocking the power of owned media to attract hotel partners

The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) represents more than 400 hotels in over 80 countries. The collection of hotels is a highly curated selection of the world’s most exclusive independent luxury hotels. Unsurprisingly, the audience LHW attracts to their website, app, events and loyalty program is an extremely high-net-worth traveller.

Sonder was commissioned to provide a rate card and deploy it in our Media Management Software (MMS) platform. The MMS enables LHW to quantify the value of the media they provide to hotels and partners across North America, Europe, LATAM, China, APAC and global media channels.

Ensuring an accurate value for the media that connects such high-net-worth audiences requires a depth of understanding on the value of owned media assets. The Sonder audit rate pool of over $10 billion provides the data and benchmarks to ensure appropriate value is assigned to all media channels in the LHW media ecosystem.

LHW are now able to attract and retain more hotels by demonstrating the financial value of the media they provide to their hotels and partners.