2016...what did you miss? - Sonder
Part retrospective, part playlist, part discovery, welcome to Sonder Insider’s look at what we’ve learned this past year in life, business and marketing.
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2016…what did you miss?

2016…what did you miss?

Part retrospective, part playlist and part discovery, welcome to Sonder Insider’s look at what we’ve learned this past year in life, in business and in marketing:

  1. Immortals are mortal
    Prince, Bowie, Ali
  2. People are rebelling against norms
    America, Razorlight & Anarchy In The U.K, Sex Pistols
  3. Disillusioned, people turn back to the safety of their tribes
    My People, The Presets
  4. This is what a best-in-class modern business looks like
  5. A powerful purpose is one worth losing customers over
    Air BnB tests its members
  6. Businesses which do not understand their customer value exchange will be ignored
    69% of marketing tactics are rejected
  7. Paid media appears to benefit media agencies more than customers
    ANA Report finds kickbacks are rife
  8. Digital marketing might just have shot itself in the foot once too often!
    Facebook lie , micro targeting doesn’t work & adblocking grows
  9. Brands find alternate revenue streams by turning their marketing into profit centres
    Pepsi, Mondelez, Red Bull & Mastercard
  10. Marketers were struck down with what we hope was a temporary affliction of short termism
    What marketers can learn from pilots

From a Sonder point of view, in the last 12 months we found some people who embraced our point of view (you), we found a way to make every organisation in the world more money (MAVmetric.com), we launched the only media channel to connect with people in-store AND in the home (Bread Connect for George Weston Foods), and we helped some big businesses find a whole new model to communicate (Virgin, Myer & KFC). Not bad for our first year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading our post every week and all your positive feedback. We have big plans for 2017 and hope that you will continue to part of them. Thanks for your support and have a prosperous new year.