A powerful new tool for retailers - Sonder
Owned media is lucrative but complex and time consuming. MAVcontrol is an online tool that makes owned media leverage faster, simpler and more profitable.
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A powerful new tool for retailers

We’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most dynamic people and businesses in the world. We’ve unlocked over $4 billion in owned media value for retailers such as Coles, Telstra, Myer, KFC and Stockland. And they have all told us the same thing…

Owned media is lucrative, but it’s complex and time consuming.

Because of this, owned media is often neglected and ignored, despite the huge commercial potential. Because who has spare time or resource to better manage non-core business activities, no matter the potential for revenue growth? The only way to truly unlock the value of owned media is to better operationalise it. Businesses need new tools to manage complex operations like owned media leverage and in turn, save time and grow high margin revenue.

If you’re frustrated by the time and complexity of managing owned media, you might be interested in our exciting new software tool, which makes owned media leverage faster, easier and more profitable. It’s called MAVcontrol and, unlike excel based spreadsheets, it gives you control over media rate integrity, saves time creating media plans, reduces human error and provides professional tracking dashboards to share with your suppliers.

If that sounds good to you, let us know and we’d be happy to come in and take you through it in less than 15 minutes.