How to build a permanent brand presence - Sonder
What started as a punt from the innovation department evolved into a 10 year old thriving business, rewarding brand experience and permanent media network.
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How to build a permanent brand presence

How to build a permanent brand presence

This week we celebrate one of America’s and P&G’s most iconic brands, Tide, reaching 10 years in the dry-cleaning business. What began as an innovative brand extension into a complex, competitive industry, has become a highly successful business as well as an impressive owned media network.

The power of the brand
Ten years ago when Tide Dry Cleaners launched, The New York Times wrote: “Where other dry cleaning entrepreneurs have tried to come up with clever business models for dry cleaning, P.& G.’s primary innovation is in the brand name itself: Tide Dry Cleaners, named after its best-selling laundry detergent”. The power of the 70 year old brand synonymous with laundry was correctly identified as a crucial differentiator.

Tide went on to convert legions of loyal customers into the franchise stores through superior service including drive-through, 24-hour pickup, environmentally safer cleaning methods and the lure of its well-loved fragrance continuously present in stores.

Why buy billboards?
With a 128 metro locations Tide as quietly built itself a permanent out-of-home media network for the parent brand. In the cities where they have a strong presence why would they need to advertise?! Their retail presence is doing a great job as a surrogate billboard network and their service staff deliver on brand values and experience. The pick-up and delivery vans only add to the community brand presence.

We recently saw Netflix buy a billboard business in order to ramp up their permanent out-of-home presence in key locations, well businesses like Tide who have carefully built their own retail business over 10 years, have that covered. Congratulations Tide.