My night with Jennifer Hawkins - Sonder
Fusing brand experience with the ability to transact and make sales is the epitome of modern marketing. Here's how one business is doing it from the inside out.
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My night with Jennifer Hawkins

My night with Jennifer Hawkins

Last week I had the pleasure of an evening with Jennifer Hawkins. Of course she looked other-worldly, yes her dress was captivating and, no, I’m not in a daydream. However, I also wasn’t the only one with her on the night, in fact more than 1,500 other people were with us at the time.

Alright, full disclosure I attended a Myer Fashion Show. The event was on level 1 of the flagship Myer Sydney City store and it demonstrated to me the power of communicating from the inside out. You see it was an experience that any Myer customer could enjoy. It was an experience that didn’t just reduce the expectation gap, it erased it completely. How? By ensuring that every item the models on the runway wore were stocked on the the racks.

Most fashion events take place off-premise, in a hall, theatre or event centre. To bring such an event inside the brands store environment is the most literal interpretation of communicating from the inside out.

Experiences like this create powerful memories. You may have read our what is a brand blog post, if you did, you may recall that a brand, at its most fundamental, is simply a memory. And memories are created through an emotional response to an experience. With a powerful memory of an experience created, all the money spent on paid media becomes exponentially more effective because it triggers a positive memory.

Now for the clincher… the same event in Melbourne recently drove a significant (double digit) increase in sales on the night. So you can see the power of communicating from the inside out when the brand experience and point of transaction converge. This fusion of experience and commerce epitomises modern marketing. With increasing pressure on marketing ROI, making your owned assets the epicentre of your marketing efforts makes uncommon sense and ensures immediate sales results. And it all starts from the inside out.