Stop the bounce! - Sonder
Bounce rate is associated with the rate people arrive and very quickly leave a website. Why not apply the phrase to all our brand-owned assets?
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Stop the bounce!

Stop the bounce!

Bounce rate is a phrase typically associated with the rate people arrive and very quickly leave a website/app/social media page but what if we applied the phrase to all our brand owned assets – both digital and physical?

It would change the way we evaluate our store experiences, our language, our sales approach, our packaging and pretty much every touch point in our business (internal and external).

How many times have you been enticed to try a new store, product or experience only to quickly pull the pin when you get close because the store, event, salesperson or packaging are so far from what you were promised?

Equally how many times have you been enticed enough to try and then been impressed enough to invest your precious time in finding out more, experiencing the journey and then telling everyone you know about that experience?

Spend time observing and actively listening to your customers. Shape your product or service around their needs and you’ll be amazed at how rapidly your bounce rate reduces.