The $3 Trillion dollar black hole - Sonder
So little is understood when it comes to quantifying the value of owned media. Sonder is on a mission to unlock and leverage the incredible value of owned media.
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The $3 Trillion dollar black hole

The $3 Trillion dollar black hole

In the paid/owned/earned media triumvirate, there is a wealth of insight and intelligence regarding paid and earned media, but very little on owned.

As the world’s leading owned media specialist, Sonder is gathering insights and intel on the state of the owned media landscape. In doing so, we’re building a picture that previously did not exist.  Because owned has, for many organisations, been the forgotten child.  We’re on a mission to change that and turn owned into the golden child.

Here’s a few numbers that might surprise you…

$3 Trillion – total estimated value of owned media globally

$78 billion – total estimated value of owned media in Australia

$1.034 billion – value of businesses owned media uncovered by Sonder in Australia alone

Owned is 30% more influential than paid and earned channels (Zenith Optimedia)

Communications effectiveness increases 13% when campaigns are planned with owned media in combination (IPA)

9 out of 10 of businesses can’t tell you the value of their owned media portfolio

100% of all business growth must come through an owned channel

$0 – the cost to value one of your company’s owned media assets using the free trial on our tool.