What does great owned media execution look like? - Sonder
Want to see what great owned media execution looks like for brand campaigns? Visit a CBA ATM and experience it.
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What does great owned media execution look like?

What does great owned media execution look like?

Owned media assets are often an afterthought in campaign communications. The forgotten child of marketing, owned media is often relegated to transmedia mediocrity whereby the campaign creative is simply dropped into all owned channels with nary a thought to the role owned media can play. Our own research shows that 9 out of 10 businesses don’t know the value of their owned media assets (ironic when they could all tell you how much they spend in paid media).

This attitude to owned media is what Sonder rages against.

So, it was with delight that we saw the latest CBA brand campaign launch last week. Not only are they utilising their owned assets well, they’re putting them front-and-centre in the campaign.

In case you missed it, the campaign is the latest in their ongoing commitment to ‘CAN’ and, recognising the social uncertainty at the moment, CBA is asking people thought provoking questions and prompting them to not just ponder, but provide their view. It’s the kind of social-fabric campaign you would think the government would do.

What was so exciting from an owned asset perspective is the way CBA leveraged their ATM network. With more than 4,300 ATM’s across the country, they have a huge media asset that we independently estimate delivers over 9m audience impacts per month.

We’re guessing the engagement this campaign delivers through their ATM network will be significant. And the thing is, it’s a genuine engagement. They’re not doing the usual shouty-style-talking-at-you brand communication. This campaign asks people to share their opinion. And with the size and scale of their owned assets, CBA can deliver on this style of campaign better than most.

But with success comes responsibility and CBA now have two huge responsibilities. Firstly, they have to show that the people have been heard. No easy task, but otherwise, why would a person ever engage with them again? And secondly, they need to continue to demonstrate how their owned assets evolve from points-of-transaction to points-of-engagement. Again, not easy, but crucial to extracting maximum value from their owned assets.