Who is TV’s best marketer? - Sonder
Which TV character would make the best marketer? Here's the definitive list.
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Who is TV’s best marketer?

Who is TV’s best marketer?

With the exception of Don Draper, what TV character would be the best marketer in the real world? It certainly wouldn’t be Jon Snow after he nearly ruined the brand partnership between the Lannister’s and Targaryen’s. Of course, Daenerys is a strong contender, she’s got the magic of a great marketer (having Dragons helps a lot) and she has a huge brand following of advocates.  Her social marketing skills are off the chart, though her brand heritage is somewhat questionable.

Perhaps Harvey from Suits? He’s got the front and can certainly project himself in a boardroom, but he’s all-about Harvey, not a lot of empathy for the customer with him. Perhaps his off-sider Mike? Super-smart and the memory of an elephant, but questionable brand ethics given he cheated his way into a job.

Okay then, how about Dolores from Westworld? Given she’s a machine, her handle on programmatic and automated marketing would put her in great stead. The problem would be her proclivity to malfunction, desert the team and go on a wild trip across the country.

Hmm… Pablo Escobar from Narco’s? He’s got the swagger, the power and influence, but he was too greedy and, crucially, didn’t bring the rest of the cartel with him on the brand journey, so they turned on him with devastating consequences. A good lesson for all marketers!

Well, that leaves one other… a marketer who has gone beyond the call of duty.  One whose resourcefulness has seen-off countless competitive attacks, a marketer who has clearly defined a niche audience (the living) and is prepared to take risks.  He’s innovative and has a solid grasp on neuro-marketing by really getting into the head of the customer (and zombies). He knows when to work with others and when to get on with things himself. That’s right, it’s Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead.

There you have it, the definitive list of popular TV’s best marketer’s. I’ve astounded myself with this list because, I don’t have Free-to-Air TV, or even Foxtel. Yet, I’ve seen all of these shows, ad-free, in high definition. TV ain’t dead, it’s better than ever, it’s just not as good at reaching mass audiences as it once was.